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As connective tissue specialists, Naprapaths, or Neuromyologists, focus on realigning everything in the body from posture to organ function. Connective tissue consists of bones, organs, muscles, nerves, skin, fascia, blood vessels, adipose tissue, and basically everything in the body that connects one substance to another. We have effective, safe manual, naturopathic and functional medicine techniques to improve nearly any condition.

Our Story

Our Founder, Oakley Smith, authored the first Chiropractic manual before discovering the ligatite (scarred connective tissue that entraps vessels and nerves) on November 17 in 1905AD (Not BC) at 11:45PM. This is an event of greater historical impact than even most scholars in the medical community know. "Ligatite Day" is still celebrated annually by naprapaths around the world as the day our profession began. So far, in the United States, we've been a quiet profession, working mostly behind the scenes and expanding primarily through word of mouth. Most naprapaths became doctors of naprapathic medicine because of the referral from a naprapath, or someone who had been successfully treated by a naprapath. Founded in 1907 in Chicago, Illinois, the field has spread to countries around the world, becoming more popular oversees than in the United States. Nordic countries are particularly strong in the profession. Most people in Sweden, for instance, are well acquainted with Naprapathic Medicine, with nearly 450,000 patients receiving upwards of 2 Million treatments annually.

Oakley Smith was a true visionary and his genius has positively impacted the world. He even earned citations from the United States Military for teaching their medical staff techniques that helped thousands of soldiers recover from injuries. Currently, naprapaths are helping veterans deal with PTSD and still advancing the field in visionary manners. We are working diligently in United States and with agencies around the world to bring the field to the forefront of public awareness and share its benefits with society at large.

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Passing The Torch To The Next Generation

Naprapaths along with established Alternative and Integrative Medical Practitioners are welcome to email admin@naprapathy.com for information, to inquire about joining, or to inquiry about submitting supporting research, blog articles, website source sites, or to contribute your own work.


Dr. Oakley Smith

Founder of Naprapathy

Naprapathy was founded in the beginning of the 20th century by Dr. Oakley Smith (1880-1967.) He began by studying with D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic medicine, but when Palmer's treatments failed to heal Oakley, he abandoned the theory of bony subluxation as the cause for all illness and spent years developing his own advanced medical system.

After formal medical training and extensive research, Smith discovered that the reason behind neuromuscular dysfunction and the causes of pain was found primarialy in the neurological and musculoskeletal systems (muscles, nerves, joints, bones, nerves and other connective tissues.) This discovery  explained that by gently treating the connective tissues and reducing states of tension, he could free the body from constrictions and relieve a wide variety of symptoms. Today’s science has proven that significant parts of his findings were correct.

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Kevin Gill, DN

President & Ambassador, Naprapathy.com

Kevin Gill, DN (Dr. K) is a top-rated medical professor and 5-star doctor based in Chicago, Illinois. As a constant innovator, he's the first naprapath to develop telemedicine into a viable career. He's studied modalities from around the world and constantly expands his skills to treat a broad range of complex conditions spanning autoimmune disorders, lyme disease and natural pain management. Dr. K utilizes deep healing philosophy from eastern and western medicine, constructed on the foundations of naprapathy. In his treatments, he incorporates health & life coaching, utilizing education and nutrition as primary interventions, guiding his patients into sustainable, optimal lifestyles. As a professor, he's taught at three higher learning institutions: University of Wisconsin and both higher education institutions of Naprapathic Medicine in the United States, NCNM and SUNM. He currently teaches Neuroscience at Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine.

A doctor should be his own best patient and a patient should be his own best doctor.

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