Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Naprapathy?

Naprapathy's founder, Oakley Smith (1880-1967), became a chiropractor in 1899 after graduating from Palmer School of Chiropractic in Iowa. He had studied with the founder of Chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, in an attempt to heal his own medical conditions, but failing in that, attended Medical School at the University of Iowa that same year in an attempt to cure himself. After two years, he left his formal medical studies to work again with D. D. Palmer, at the Palmer School of Chiropractic. Smith moved to Chicago a couple of years later and opened his own clinic. Smith broke his connection with Palmer disagreeing with Palmer's theory about mechanical disorders in the spinal column being the only cause for discomfort in the body. Oakley Smith had derived that the soft tissues of the body housed the mechanisms of discomfort, a theory that he would soon discover support for. Continuing his education on his own, Smith performed research and assisted with a number of cadaver dissections. It was during a spinal dissection that he discovered the ligatite, contracted scar tissue formed in connective tissue that entrapped nerves and blood vessels. This discovery led to his theory regarding connective tissue, and the true causes of pain and reduced functionality. During his travels in Bohemia (today’s Czechia) he discovered Bohemians performing manual techniques on one another to alleviate the pain from long days of physical labor. It was there that he learned of naprivit (meaning "to rectify") manual techniques and applied them to pathos (suffering), thus birthing the field of Naprapathy, which literally means "to rectify the cause of suffering."

Smith became fascinated with soft tissue manipulations and the results he was getting by treating patients in his unique way. The things he learnt would have a crucial importance to the development of naprapathy. Smith amongst other authors published a book named “A Textbook of Modernized Chiropractic” in 1906. The book described what Smith later came to call naprapathy*. Smith founded the first school within naprapathy in 1907, Oakley Smith School of Naprapathy in Chicago. Thus was the foundation of naprapathy laid, both as phenomena and course of treatment. 1949 an additional school started in Chicago, the National College of Naprapathy. When the schools were merged into one in 1971 the name changed to Chicago National College of Naprapathy (today: National College of Naprapathic Medicine). *The word naprapathy has its origin in the czech word “napravit” which means rectify, and the greek word “pathos” which means suffering. As its wholeness, naprapathy means “to rectify the cause of suffering”.

Modernly, advanced nutrition and technologies have been incorporated with the traditional techniques of the Oakley Smith Method. Naprapaths often seek trainings in other fields of medical study to round out their skills but everyone rightfully claiming to be a Naprapath or utilize Naprapathy had to receive fundamental training in manual techniques including the Oakley Smith Method.

What should I expect from my first treatment?

All intake forms should to be filled out online prior to your first appointment. They will be emailed to you after you request an appointment and our staff confirms the eligibility.

Please make sure you are ready for your appointment early. Unlike traditional appointments, we are proud to maintain punctual start times. This ensures you receive the most convenient and effective service and eliminates the long wait times associated with most medical appointments. Remember: that time is booked just for you. If you are unable to start on time, we're happy to make reasonable accommodations subject to availability.

For telemedicine appointments, you will have 30-60 minutes, according to which option you choose, to discuss your unique situation by HIPPA compliant portal offering video or telephone options.

For office visits, please arrive 15 minutes early and notify the receptionist. We will begin early if possible. Do your best to wear (or bring) flexible workout or yoga style clothing in case physical treatment is indicated.


If you're not sure whether a video or office appointment is best, simply fill out the contact form detailing your questions and we're happy to help you decide.

Intakes should be completed online by filling out any necessary medical forms, signing release documents and, if necessary, allowing us to order your medical history. All appointments must be secured by a valid credit card (CC) but if you just have a question or would like to join our mailing list, simply fill out the contact form.

Why do you require credit card (CC) information to schedule appointments?

It is becoming increasingly standard across the medical industry, as well as appointment based practices such as massage, acupuncture, and naturopathy and naprapathy, to require a valid billing method to reserve an appointment. Our appointments start punctually and the doctor or practitioner goes to great lengths to reserve that time just for you. Be assured that all CC information is kept secure and confidential in our strict, HIPPA compliant scheduling portal. Additionally, it shows respect to your practitioner, who you will potentially be trusting your health to, and makes paying convenient. You will only be billed for appointments you attend, or are not rescheduled according to our cancellation policy, which case your card will be billed in full.

How much do you charge?

We're dedicated to keeping appointments both convenient and affordable, which is why we offer membership packages for you and your friends and family. For those opting for single or short term treatments, 45 minute telemedicine intakes start at $150 while 90 minute office intakes are $350. Initial appointments require the doctor to spend extra time outside of the scheduled appointment to understand your medical history, so are billed at a rate to reflect that. Telemedicine followups are generally booked in 30 minute intervals, $80 each, while office visits can be 30 to 90 minutes $100 and $230 respectively. Keep in mind, this is an appointment with a licensed doctor and less than twice the rate of a general massage, not including tips. We do not accept eips. Memberships are designed to make these rates even more affordable. If you're wondering if a membership is right for you, you can simply attend your initial appointments and apply credit for up to three appointments if you decide to upgrade to a yearly membership plan.

For Insurance Patients:
We are happy to provide a super bill for office services which you can remit to your insurance company. Most Health Savings Accounts (HSA) also allow these medical expenses. Make sure to check with yours about what kind of documentation you need to submit a claim.


Do you have customer service?

Absolutely! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are happy to answer your questions. You can call (312) 585-5587, email:, or leave your question in our contact section while completing your registration.

What is your cancellation policy?

We maintain a generous 24-hour cancellation policy. All appointments not rescheduled or canceled prior to 24 hours before the scheduled start time will be billed in full. To protect both schedule of the patients and the doctor, we adhere to punctual start and end times. This allows patients to have appointments with minimal disruption to their work and life and also keeps costs more affordable for everyone. Please be mindful of your doctor's schedule and the needs of other patients before scheduling. The appointment you booked is reserved just for you!