Naprapathic Medicine

Naprapathy is the best kept secret in modern medicine. It's subtle approach produces profound results. Having successfully treated everything from chronic pain, tinnitus, vertigo, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and a host of other ailments, the simple, gentle philosophy we use is still ahead of its time after 110 years. See what you've been missing out on in modern healthcare.


Technocharged Nutrition

No diet is right for everyone. Reduce chronic pain, minimize symptoms of aging and live with increased vigor, focus and health that accompanies eating the foods that work for you. The same nutrition program that turns an athlete into a champion marathon runner can turn a different person into a diabetic. Our licensed natural medicine doctors can tailor a program for your unique DNA, lifestyle, health history, food tolerances, and fitness goals.


Integrative Healthcare

If the founder were alive today, he would be making the best use of the newest technologies to help as many people as possible. As an inventor and innovator, Oakley Smith would be boldly leading us into the modern age. As the new generation of naprapaths, we're not only following in the footsteps of his genius, we're dedicated to blazing a better trail and providing a brighter future for your health, wherever that leads us, and whatever it takes.


The Power Of Telemedicine

Say goodbye to long clinic waits. At, we bring our virtual clinic directly to you. Research shows that telemedicine can have as good, if not better outcomes for an extensive list of conditions, making it easier to maintain compliance to health outcomes while saving the patient significant time. Now, through encrypted HIPPA compliant video and telemedicine appointments, many conditions can to be successfully resolved completely without the need for traditional office visits, while maintaining doctor/patient confidentiality. This makes achieving optimal health goals more convenient than ever.

Rest assured: your health is in our hands, and a doctor is at your fingertips.

Traditional Office Visits

Sometimes, there's no better way to improve your health than a face-to-face appointment. When physical evaluation and treatment is the best option, we're committed to making all our appointments begin and end on time. Our members enjoy guaranteed start and finish times to their appointments. No more waiting in a conference room for hours for a brief visit with your doctor. Your appointment time is reserved completely for you, just like it should be.


Next Steps...

If you're ready to relieve your pain and improve your health, contact us or book an appointment to see what naprapathy can do for you. There is no time like now. Your health is just a click away.