Disclaimer: This post is not for the faint of heart.

In 1963, Thích Quảng Đức, a Vietnamese buddhist monk, sat down in the middle of Saigon and burned himself alive in protest of religious oppression. His sacrifice resulted in his being named a bodhisattva. Not only did his actions change the world’s response to persecution, the entire time flames consumed him, he didn’t flinch or show a single sign of pain!

By consistent dedication to self-development, Thích Quảng Đức showed the world that it is possible to completely leave suffering behind.

We all have pain in our lives. Whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination, we seek answers about how to transcend suffering. For those dealing with chronic conditions, it can take a long time to retrain our mind/body matrix to accept a a new truth. Once we’ve learned something, whether it’s a habit, belief, muscle memory, regressive pattern, or emotional inception, we naturally want to hold onto it. Our unconscious minds imprint everything as truth, with no concept of good or bad, right or wrong, or any value judgement. Once it learns the pattern of suffering, it acts to maintain it in belief that it is what we want. This is called “homeostasis.”

Changing our homeostasis to a more practical way requires that we accept the natural principles that guide us. Self-empowerment comes from taking responsibility for every aspect of our own situations. The suffering we experience is nothing more than a series of lessons that we keep repeating until we stop rebelling against the truth and learn how to embrace it. Some do this more easily than others. It’s common to lash out with hurt against whoever is helping them to heal. This is because the healer shines a mirror onto the suffering, bringing it from deep places to the surface. Just as it’s physically painful to pull an arrowhead from the flesh, it’s emotionally painful to pull toxicity from the mind and soul.

Our minds are the only thing we have complete control over. In our thoughts, we choose our levels of joy, pain, relationships, success, heartache, sickness and health. Even when we want to blame everything other than ourselves for the way things have happened in our lives, we cling deep down to the hope that we have some way to change things to act in accordance our own ego-driven projections. The ego is a selfish mechanism and doesn’t want to change. This presents a challenge to anyone who wants to leave suffering behind. Even when they come for treatment, deep down, they want to cling to their illness.

To truly heal requires that you understand where pain comes from. Pain is a warning that we aren’t living in harmony with natural laws. It has a constructive purpose. It’s a chance for us to look at ourselves and see how we’ve strayed from the universal patterns that govern our wellbeing. We have the ability to understand ourselves more each day. It’s through ignorance, inaccurate thoughts, the straying from our dharma, or our “sin” (to miss the mark,) that keeps us away from manifesting our ideal selves. We’re all meant to get there, but we usually want to get there our way. Our way is likened to trying to make a bicycle fly by peddling harder and focusing more on the moon. No matter how much effort we put into this method, gravity will pull us down, leaving us tired, frustrated and no closer to the sky. We can only manifest deep health through living in harmony with natural truths. It’s by shedding our ego-based patterns that we can transcend physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

Answer yourself this question: What is the first thing I’m doing that is holding me back?

In good health,

-Dr. K

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Dr. K

Dr. K is a top-rated medical professor and doctor of Naprapathic Medicine in downtown Chicago. As the President and Technology Director of Naprapathy.com, he's dedicated to spreading the benefits of Naprapathy throughout the United States and to the world at large. Even though Naprapathic Medicine was founded in Chicago, it spread worldwide has become increasingly popular in nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland and Norway, where Naprapaths perform upwards of 2 Million treatments on 450,000 patients annually. Dr. K is dedicated to building bridges with healthcare professionals of all backgrounds to further medicine as a whole.

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