If you’re a science nerd like me, this post will resonate with you. Let’s start with a well-proven fact: everything in the universe is affected by resonance. Brilliant researchers have already completed over 99.9% of a Unified Field equation, nearly proving that the four forces in the universe are one and the same. Deep inside quantum the particle matrix, resonance filaments form the building blocks of everything from our physical beings to our thought patterns. The mathematical equations that explain this is called String Theory. For String Theory calculations to work, they require ten dimensions of space formed into a vast multiverse. This leads to the conclusion that there are multidimensional forces that we simply can’t perceive.

What does this mean to your health? To answer this, let’s go back to the age of ancient spirituality. For thousands of years, mankind has sought the answers about the core fundamentals of our creation. Lacking the technology to explore the multidimensional universe with predictive mathematics, they turned inward for answers. By disciplining themselves to meditate in harmony with universal frequencies, some reached a state called enlightenment.

For years, I’ve been teaching that in order to increase understanding, you need to go back to the basics. The stronger your mastery of fundamentals, the better your advanced techniques become. Most people perceive themselves in four dimensions: three visual directions plus time. To this, we filter reality through five primary senses: touch, taste, hearing, scent and sound. But when constrained by these finite abilities, we are left with no way to decipher at least six additional dimensions.

Vibrational frequencies are proven to affect our health, for good or for bad. We can be in harmony with the natural vibrations of the universe, or in disharmony with them. Learning this, vibration therapy has become one of my favorites as it promotes circulation, detoxification, relaxation and improved immune function. Fundamentally, our physiology comes from vibrational forces at a subatomic level. Interestingly, these vibrations mirror the same frequencies and patterns of utilized by sound waves. Did the ancient monks know this when they developed mantras and primordial sounds? They discovered it through deep, disciplined self-cultivation. Not only were they able to unearth the fundamental truths of the universe, they actually experienced them, interacted with them, and were even able to explain them. This makes sense when you consider that the multidimensional spaces are where the majority of resonance occurs. It’s also the birthplace of miracles.

Consider the fact that according to physics calculations, most of the universe is composed of dark matter. Dark matter forces are far more powerful than the forces we can perceive. Mirroring this, the forces of spiritualism are far stronger than the physical forces we interact with. The only way we consciously interpret them is by heightening our spiritual sensitivity. Blind people often cultivate their perception of sound in order to compensate for their lack of sight. Similarly, meditation allows us to diminish focus on physical senses and tune in to our deep vibrational patterns.

As a licensed Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine, my philosophy always stems from these basic truths. I guide my clients deeper into self-realization. We’re more than physical beings. Most of our makeup is, according to our senses, composed of solid matter. Conversely, physics proves our bodies contain over 99.9999% empty space. But from a metaphysics standpoint, that space isn’t empty at all. It’s filled with limitless energetic possibilities of, interacting through time with multidimensional forces, while constantly transforming into something new.

Our atomic structures are surrounded with fields of electrons, never touching yet keeping themselves ordered through the perfection of ordered chaos. The simple act of finding out where an electron was at a given time in space changes the trajectory and location of the electron. This is how an illness works. Labeling it changes what presents through inception—planting self-fulfilling thoughts deep in the unconscious mind. As a Naprapath, I’m free to see the patient as she sits before me, bringing whatever symptoms that are currently affecting her to my awareness, and determining treatment without the use of any labels. The treatments change the condition into a different manifestation, so there is limited value and possibly destructive consequences in placing a diagnosis on a dynamically changing person. What is a diagnosis except a grouping of sounds forming into words? And what do words do when they enter someone’s self-image? They manifest.

The choice is yours: you can cling to your condition or move on to a healthier state.

Here is the only label you deserve: You are a powerful being made of resonating light, completely connected to the universe, filled with limitless potential and able to adapt to any circumstance through heightened awareness of your own divinity. We are all formed from love by the resonance of the collective consciousness, the cosmic mind, the grace of God. As divine beings comprised of energy, we have the ability to harmonize with our best, most miraculous manifestations. Does this resonate with you?

In good health,

-Dr. K

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Dr. K

Dr. K is a top-rated medical professor and doctor of Naprapathic Medicine in downtown Chicago. As the President and Technology Director of Naprapathy.com, he's dedicated to spreading the benefits of Naprapathy throughout the United States and to the world at large. Even though Naprapathic Medicine was founded in Chicago, it spread worldwide has become increasingly popular in nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland and Norway, where Naprapaths perform upwards of 2 Million treatments on 450,000 patients annually. Dr. K is dedicated to building bridges with healthcare professionals of all backgrounds to further medicine as a whole.

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